An Important Message Re: School Budget Vote

Dear Citizens of Chelsea and Tunbridge:
As you may be aware, the State of Vermont has been going through one of its most challenging educational budget cycles.  The First Branch School Board approved a budget for your consideration in January of this year.  At the time of our approval, we were all operating under what we understood was going to be the funding formula under current law.  Since that time, it has become clear that the funding formula will change this year and in an effort to ensure that this Board is mindful of the real effects budgets have on citizens, we have exercised our authority to cancel the March 4th vote.  There will be a warning at a later time for you to vote.

You may have already received your annual mailer that included the warned articles and Board adopted budget from January. We want to be clear that we will be taking action to decrease the expenditure budget now that the funding formula has changed with the goal of further decreasing your residential tax rates. You will receive another updated mailer and budget information once it is adopted by the Board later this spring.  

We are canceling our budget informational meeting that was tentatively scheduled for next Thursday, February 29th, but plan to have additional informational meetings once a FY 25 revised budget is approved by the Board.  We ask that you remain engaged with what our legislature and governor ultimately decide is the pathway to fund our schools in Vermont.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all navigate these challenging times and budgetary processes.  


First Branch Unified District Board of School Directors